Nippon Assist - Move to Japan
Embarking on a captivating venture, I invite investors to join me in the innovative ‘Japan Akiya Project.’ Our plan involves acquiring and transforming homes in Japan into short-term stay options for tourists. Beginning with the picturesque Shizuoka prefecture, home to the iconic Mt. Fuji, we aim to purchase and renovate four Akiya homes. The strategic location offers a diverse range of activities throughout the year, appealing to digital nomads and remote workers. To facilitate reservations, a business will be established in Australia, while all on-ground operations in Japan will be efficiently managed by a professional property manager. Guests will have the flexibility to switch between guest houses during their stay, fostering a unique experience. With rental prices set at half that of hotels, these guest houses are poised to be highly sought after. The establishment of the business in Australia, in collaboration with Japanese partners, ensures a seamless operation. Investors contributing a minimum of AUD$1000 will be entitled to one share in the net revenue dividend.
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About me:
I am an MBA graduate specializing in digital innovation and transformation, equipped with expertise in business intelligence, statistics, big data, security, AI, and various technologies. Passionate about transitioning traditional businesses into digital enterprises, I focus on digital innovation for small to medium enterprises, including cryptocurrency and blockchain implementation. Currently pursuing a doctoral degree at Griffith University, Australia, my research explores AI applications in self-learning and assessment in higher education. Committed to advancing education and culture through technology, I balance my digital pursuits with a Master’s in Applied Linguistics, specializing in TESOL. Accredited by the Australian Government, I design e-learning programs, develop training packages, and successfully run TESOL programs in Japan, contributing to the professional development of non-native English-speaking teachers.