Nippon Assist - Move to Japan

A Japanese court in Fukuoka in late 2023 ruled that the ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional but expressed concerns about the dignity and human rights of same-sex couples. This decision disappointed activists but is considered a step forward. Over the past two years, five rulings on same-sex marriage in Japan have varied, with two declaring the ban unconstitutional, one upholding it, and two, including the recent Fukuoka ruling, upholding the ban while acknowledging other rights concerns. While opinion polls show strong public support for same-sex marriage, the conservative ruling party led by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida opposes it. Business lobbies advocate for change, emphasizing the need for diversity, and over 300 municipalities in Japan allow same-sex partnership agreements, but with limited rights. The government has promised a law promoting “understanding” of LGBTQ people, but a watered-down version is expected to face a vote soon. Despite progress, challenges and misunderstandings regarding LGBTQ issues persist in Japan.

Setbacks for gay marriage in Japan