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Is it time to invest in guest homes in Japan?

Investment Prospectus: Akiya Guest Houses in Japan

Unlocking Japan’s Hospitality Potential

Executive Summary:

Embark on an investment opportunity with Akiya Guest Houses in Japan. Our innovative plan involves acquiring and transforming homes into short-term stay options, starting with three properties in the enchanting Shizuoka prefecture, near Hamamatsu city. These Akiya guest houses will cater to the growing demand for unique, affordable accommodations.

Strategic Location:

Shizuoka, home to the iconic Mt. Fuji, offers a diverse range of activities year-round, attracting digital nomads and remote workers. The strategic placement of our guest houses ensures proximity to key attractions, making them an ideal choice for travelers seeking an immersive experience.

Flexible Experience:

As some nationalities can obtain a three month visa to Japan on arrival, the goal is to give them a three month experience in Japan. Guests can switch between Akiya guest houses during their stay, fostering a dynamic and unique travel experience. With rental prices set at the same price as hotels, our guest houses are poised to become highly sought after in the Japanese hospitality market. 

Collaborative Operation:

Managed by a reputable Japanese real estate company with a guest house licence, local experts will collaborate with Japanese partners to navigate the intricacies of the market, providing investors with confidence in the success of this venture.

Investment Terms:

Investors contributing a minimum of US$1000 will be entitled to one share in the net revenue dividend. Each share is valued at US$1000, offering an attractive return on investment in the flourishing Japanese tourism and hospitality sector. Future shares will be made available 

Who am I?

My name is David Robertson. I have obtained my MBA in digital innovation and transformation, and now completing my research degree in AI through Griffith University, Australia. I have a proven track record in designing e-learning programs, developing training packages, and successfully running TESOL programs in Japan, the entrepreneur brings a unique blend of digital expertise and cultural sensitivity to the Akiya Guest Houses project.

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