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Privacy and Data Policy Statement

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) imports a new set of data protection laws in Japan, and which legislate on, amongst other things, the collection, use, disclosure and care of personal data by all private sector organisations. Nippon Assist respects your privacy and seeks to safeguard the personal data which you have provided us and will provide us, if any. As such, and in line with the PDPA, we have instituted a Privacy Policy below.

This privacy policy outlines the collection and utilization of personal data, emphasizing security measures. The organization will utilize provided contact details to communicate updates, announcements, marketing information, and promotions. Consent withdrawal for data usage is possible through a provided form on this website. Personal data is gathered through various means, including application forms, document submissions, online services, and website usage. The purposes of data collection include maintaining the database, providing marketing materials, conducting surveys, publishing photographs, ensuring premises’ safety, performing criminal reference checks, and disclosing data to third-party service providers strictly for specified purposes. Withdrawal of consent may impact the effective maintenance of affiliation, membership, registration, or application, leading to potential missed notices. Nippon Assist, operated by Australians in Australia. We acknowledge the use of images from